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Jürg Richter


Liquid Gold - Flüssiges Gold

Is there anything more fascinating than an old and mature Sauternes from a great vintage?

This experience I would like to share at my tastings with friends and wine connoisseurs from all over the world.

For over 25 years I have been a lover of good and interesting wines. Depending on the situation sometimes I am with a group of friends enjoying some wines or only with my wife relaxing and talking over a good bottle. Wine drinking is wine feeling.

As I am really thrilled by the fascination of old Sauternes and Tokaji and their unique complexity. Without having nipped from a 1929 Suduiraut or 1955 Climens or 1967 Yquem or.....(this could go on for pages and pages....) you never will enter this new world of taste. You have to try it - it's worth it!


Sigi Hiss


It started as a hobby but shortly it turned into my profession, graduated my education as a Wine Consultant in Koblenz / Germany. The fields of my activities are those of a wine critic combined with independent winejournalism, of a lecturer at the IWI (International Wine Institut / Germany), of a consultant & expert for wine rarities. Some of the most exciting years I had, was when i lived 2 years in the wine city par excellence:London - During these 2 years I built the base of a great international wine-network.

But after all, what does really count for me? My deep rooted maxim is only to offer, recommend or to advice of what i'm really convinced. This presuppose a absolutely neutrality & independency, in particular if we are talking about matured, very rare & often very expensive wines. Due to this kind of philosophy maybe some business as well as some clients are not within the reach - those who share my philosophy, share my high level of demands.

As a private winelover i really appreciate matured wines, doesn't really matter whether we talk about red or white or sweet or sparkling wines. It is a deep anchored passion in my life.